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Best Curriculum

We are dedicated to providing a well researched and best practice curriculum for our students.

Our vision

Ascot School aspires to;
Produce well educated children of international standard who love learning and can adjust to fit into any culture, environment and situation they find themselves.

Nurture children who are able to be the leaders and problem solvers of the future.

Our Community

We have a community of students from diverse backgrounds and abilities with a dedicated team of staff and Teachers who are well-trained professionals.

It's time, change your WARD'S LEARNING EXPERIENCE

Children learn best from experience. Children learn by  using their senses, exploring their environment, people, things, places and events. They learn from first-hand  as well as vicarious forms of experiences.

Location and facilities

School is located in the heart of Achimota, a residential and accessible area. Ascot Educates from Pre-school to JHS. The school is well-resourced with ICT, science lab and library. Non academic activities include UCMAS, robotics, instruments tuition, Taekwondo, cooking and more...

Competitive Cost of Education

Our school fees are very competitive and affordable to all income levels.

Well trained Graduate Teachers

Our pre-school teachers are nursery teacher-trained and others with diplomas in education. We have graduate teachers from Primary to JHS. We produce all-rounded students who are ready to pursue their dreams.

Parents who talk about us

The following are the experiences of some parents/guardians.

My Child level of concentration increased to my surprise. Bismark

My Child level of concentration increased to my surprise. Bismark

Our latest news

Ascot School gone 100% virtual!!!!

  1. Ascot School from September 1, 2020 will go virtual until COVID-19 is over. The move is to help mitigate the negative impact COVID-19 is having on the learning habit of students.
  2. The school has invested in an online platform that allows teachers to teach students, administer class work as well as end-of-term exams, all in a secured virtual class room environment.
  3. Students of the school will log into the system to attend virtual class, interact with their class teacher and complete daily class assignments.
  4. System marks multiple choice questions and automatically update student assessment profile.
  5. Class teachers marks essay questions and update student assessment records to end the days activity.
  6. Parents receive instant notification of theirs wards daily class score via email or SMS.
  7. Parents and students can also log into the student profile to check their academic progress.

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